Henry’s Memorial Wesleyan Holiness Church Set To Celebrate 100th Anniversary in June

As a countdown the Church plan to have a number of promotional activities

Men’s Group showing appreciation to Pastor Salome James

The Henry’s Memorial Wesleyan Holiness Church formerly the Pilgrim Holiness Church (The Mission), at Buck’s Hill, Gingerland turns One Hundred (100) in June 2019. This church has grown from a little mission to now a full-fledged church within the Wesleyan Holiness family. It has touched many lives either by direct attendance and membership or by the little passersby who have been told or reminded of the way of the Christ and has been a beacon of hope and salvation in the conurbation of Gingerland.

Over the years, this little institution has founded and fashioned Pastors, District Superintendents and General Superintendents. The church has given Nevis, the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, the wider Caribbean and the world some of its signal and storied leaders spanning public service, the professions and the trades. Indeed, we have much to raise our Ebenezers and say with humility and hurrah, “hitherto hath the Lord helped us.”

The Church at Gingerland is in celebratory mood!! To this end, we plan to have a number of activities to give God thanks for His blessings down through the years. We are here inviting you to be a part of these celebrations whether you live at home or abroad. The Centennial Service is scheduled for Sunday, June 30, 2019 at the church. As a countdown we plan to have a number of promotional activities. These activities include but are not limited to revival services, concerts, drama and a re-union of members. The Wesleyan Men   have planned a Pentecostal Bonfire at Indian Castle on Sunday June 09. We ask that everyone comes willing to be baptized anew with the fire of the Holy Ghost. On Friday June 28, 2019 we planned to have a Centennial mega Dinner. We have produced a Commemorative Calendar that is on sale. The schedule of activities is already adopted and is ready for publication.

We believe that all who have passed through this church would welcome an invitation to contribute to the success of its Centennial celebrations. To this end, we are soliciting sponsorship and personal funds. Perhaps a church family may wish to sponsor the calendar, a concert or pay for some centennial T shirts, posters or memorabilia. In any event, we are asking for a personal contribution of not less than One Hundred United States Dollars (US $100.00). All financial contributions are to be paid to the Gingerland Church Centennial for which a bank account has been established.   We anticipate widespread support, participation and contributions.

Women’s group showing appreciation to Pastor Salome James

We have put together a committee to organize these activities. Said committee is working assiduously to fashion a world class centennial.  The Gingerland Wesleyan Holiness looks forward with anticipation to your prayerful, personal and financial support.

Please call Hastings R. Daniel at 662 8146 for logistics.

Henry’s Memorial Wesleyan Holiness Church


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