Hensley Daniel will have time for Nevisians says Obi

Charlestown, Nevis, December 10, 2017 – A prominent Nevisian has called on the Nevis electorate to remove Deputy Premier Hon. Mark Brantley in the upcoming Nevis Island Assembly elections.

“Since he obviously loves St. Kitts more than Nevis, he looks very comfortable and all smiles when he is in the House of Assembly in St. Kitts working for Timothy Harris, vote to let him focus on St. Kitts and remove him from his local responsibilities in Nevis since it seems like a burned to him,” said Nevisian Everton “Obi” Elliott, who called on voters to cast their ballots for Hensley Daniel “as he will have the time to spend and be with Nevisians.’

In his FaceBook posting, Elliott noted that Mr. Brantley as Leader of Government Business in the Nevis House of Assembly is responsible for ensuring that there are sufficient viable matters to have the House of Parliament meets regularly.

“In essence he is the one responsible for having the House of parliament meet in Nevis. Now since this is his responsibility let’s examine his performance for 2017 alone with this job.  For 2017, as the Leader of Government Business in the House, he has called the house one dam time in Nevis. Let me repeat, 1 single time (there was another truncated session that lasted 10 minutes which to me that doesn’t even count). Now in comparison Mark Brantley has attended around fifteen House of Assembly meetings in St Kitts, yes 15 of them in St Kitts,” Elliott said.

“He even took time out of his busy campaign Thursday, which he is losing, to go and make his two hour presentation in the House in St. Kitts, not Nevis, Budget Address while at the same time he refused to call the house in Nevis to present a Budget Address to Nevisians. I don’t know about you but I find this a huge, huge insult and disrespect and it obviously shows he has no regards for Nevisians or the House of Assembly in Nevis,” said Elliott, pointing out that during his presentation, Mr. Brantley focused “on his many travels all over the world as Foreign Minister.”

“If he travels that much during his time as minister, just imagines what he would do if you all vote to make him premier,” said the Washington DC-based Nevisian.


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