Hickmans/Fothergills Feature at Gingerland Secondary School’s Annual Graduation Ceremony

Charlestown-Nevis—Several distinguished individuals from the Hickman’s/Fothergills area in Gingerland, featured prominently at the annual graduation and prize giving exercises at the Gingerland Secondary School.

The event was held at the Gingerland Methodist church on Thursday 12th November, under the theme: ‘Cultivating minds-moulding positive attitudes; reaping success.’

The persons from the historic portion of Gingerland, who were in the spotlight on the day were: Mr. Vincent Adams, past teacher at the school for some 16 years, who was the honoured patron of the day; Walter Morton of the St. Kitts and Nevis Social Security Board, who chaired the proceedings in his usual dynamic style; Derez Morton, his daughter, who was unequalled as the most outstanding student, as regards the CSEC examinations and Miss Kurlyn Merchant, a youthful and outstanding Attorney at law who is in the process of making a name for herself. She was the featured speaker of the day.

One of the highlights of the day’s proceedings, was the annual school’s report which was eloquently delivered by Mrs. Lineth Williams, the Ag. Principal of the school, who gave the report in the unavoidable absence of the Principal, Mrs. Lorna Brandy.

The statistics provided during that report reflected some outstanding performances for the school, during the year under review:

There were 311 students registered at the school, during the year. Males: 144 and Females: 167.

Sixty-one of these individuals commenced their stint of secondary education in the first forms.

As regards overseas examinations, the students were applauded for some outstanding results.

For the CSEC examinations: There were 54 students in 37 subject areas. There were 295 unit passes out of 351 entries. An impressive percentage of 84.04%.

The students achieved 70 grade one passes which were effectively an increase of 19 over the 2014 results.

Derez Moron was the most outstanding student and voted as Valedictorian, with 10 subject passes which included 9 grade ones.

Second was Aquin Manners with 10 subjects and 6 grade ones. Third was Karissa Webbe with 11 subjects and 3 grade ones and fourth was Clarissa Morgan with 8 subjects and 6 grade ones.

Some of the students also placed in the top ten students within the federation of St. Kitts and Nevis in certain specific subject areas.

These included outstanding performances in Agricultural Science; Spanish, Integrated Science; Food and Nutrition; Building Technology; Human and Social Biology; Social Studies and Principles of Business.

Derez Morton secured either first or second spots in six of the aforementioned subject areas.

Mrs. Williams also took time out to congratulate the Nevis Island Administration, through its Public Works Department, for conducting well needed renovation works at the school.

Also addressing the gathering, was Premier of Nevis and Minister of Education, Hon. Vance Amory who lauded Mrs. Williams for her excellent report and referred to her as having ‘real metal.’

He also congratulated the staff at the school, the parents and the students who he noted had performed really well.

In making reference to the Graduants, he stated that the critical thing is that they have gone through High school and have been exposed to a sound education in areas of their choice. He said that they are now at the cross roads in terms of their future and urged them to make right choices and to mingle with the right people—people who can assist them positively.

Featured speaker of the day, Miss Kurlyn Merchant also took time out to congratulate the Teachers, parents and students for the great examination results.

‘Do not be discouraged. Continue working hard and build on what you have achieved so far,’ she told the Graduants.

She also challenged the Graduants to deliberately seek out things that are new and different. ‘Embrace challenges; spend a lot of time with people who inspire you and continue to study,’ she admonished them.

Also featuring during the event, were a dance by students of the school; songs by the school’s choir and graduating class; the school band and a song by Kervincia, Ashira and Maia, which were all well received.

The vote of thanks was delivered by parent, Mrs. Lornette Hanley.

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