High Praises as organizers prepare to host third annual Girls Illuminated

AS the 3rd Annual Girls Health and Wellness Summer Program by Girls Illuminated is underway, they have come under high praises for crafting an inspiring, enlightening and empowering program that caters to the holistic development of girls.

Girls Illuminated is a non-profit organization and this movement and program was founded by mother-daughter duo, Ms. Winnielle Pereira and Destinee Guilbert respectively.

The program will be held over the course of nine weeks.

The activities that will foster positive emotional, spiritual and physical development includes Yoga, Meditation, Etiquette, Art and Craft, Nutrition, Fitness, African History, Dance, Self-Love, Field trips and so much more.

Pereira said that it was important to curate a Health & Wellness program that focuses on the entire being of the feminine, her Mind, her Body and her Spirit.

“To encourage and inspire girls to care for and nurture their spirit and self-awareness. Everything begins with self and once your foundation, which is YOU is rooted in Self Love, your wellness will not only benefit you, but those you come in contact with.

And being mindful of the power you have will give you a more meaningful life and sharpen your focus, because you are conscious to the goodness within you. Loving yourself is healing yourself. Redefining beauty and the most powerful, is the Beauty within. Educate a girl, empower a nation. We have curated this unique program to inspire girls to create and live a more positive and healthy lifestyle,” she said.

A mother of a two-time participant, Sybil Welsh, describes the camp as “inspirational” and one that molds young girls into positive, confident young ladies.

Basir Phillip said that he would recommend Girls Illuminated to any mother who wants their daughter to expand their vision and culture in this global world while Danella Hodge said that she loved that the focus was not only on modelling but covers a variety of aspects in everyday life including self-confidence.

“This is truly a unique venture. Continue (to) build our girls and help them to know their worth,” she stated.

Youth Officer within the Department of Youth Empowerment, Suelika Creque said that the Department is fully supportive and appreciative of Girls Illuminated for creating such an essential program for young girls.

“It is a program like no other, our young girls and our youth on a whole have so much stresses and pressures of life that they deal with, stuff we would never imagine. So I am happy that there is a program that was created to lighten their burden in that aspect while nurturing their talents, creativity and spirit through empowerment,” she said.

Adam Anderson of Open Interactive, said that the work being done by Girls Illuminated is important.

“Really profound,” he stated. “Strengthening and empowering a young woman’s connection with God and her own potential.”

The program is scheduled to begin early July. So far, there have been a number of supporters who have come on board to ensure the success of the program including Shadwell Great House, Advancement of Children’s Fund, Christophe Harbour Foundation, Four Seasons Resort, Esterlyns House, Modern Elegance Photography and Ital Creations at Shadwell Great House.

Over 20 Empowerment Speakers are scheduled for this year’s program and that list includes Jihan Williams, Tamu Browne, Leonard Stapleton, Dr. Lisa Skerrit, Naeemah Hazelle, Salisha Khan, Cara Diskin, Laverne Stevens, Dr. Cherese Godwin and Davinia Thompson out of London, Caresse Hanley, Azilla Clarke, the reigning National Carnival Queen, Tawanna Collins and the National Swimsuit Queen Kersha Martin, alongside more inspiring beings.

Anyone interested in making a contribution to this program can contact Pereira at girls illuminated@gmail.com and follow them on Facebook at Girls Illuminated St. Kitts and Instagram at Girls Illuminated SKN.

Love & Light

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