Highlights Beats Pioneers In Grudge Match

By:Curtis Morton

It was billed as a grudge match of sorts and it was played at the ET Willett Park on Sunday night.

This, as action in the local Football league continued and defending champions, SL Horsfords Highlights, faced off with the Pioneers team.

Some of the Pioneers players previously played for the Highlights team, as recently as last year, when they helped them to championship honours, so it was a much anticipated contest.

Highlights struck the back of the net early, as their former custodian, PAS, was beaten to his right and it was 1 goal to nil in the early exchanges.

However, Pioneers soon responded with a goal of their own and their support crew went wild, as the ball struck the back of the net.

The half time score was 1 goal-all.

The second half was also keenly contested but it was the Highlights team which celebrated at the final whistle as they got yet another to sneak past PAS in goal.

Final score: SL Horsfords Highlights 2 Pioneers 1

Tonight, Tuesday 16th January, Hard times engages Bath United at the ET Willett Park.

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