A historic meeting of the minds took place in Nevis on Wednesday 3rd November. That is when representatives of the Sports Department in St.Kitts, met with their counterparts in Nevis.

The meeting was held at the conference room of the administration building in Charlestown.

Prior to the meeting, Director of Sports in St.Kitts, Mr. Anthony Wiltshire, indicated that he had initiated the meeting after a recent Netball festival which was held in St.Kitts.

‘After I saw the standard of play exhibited by the two Nevis Secondary schools, I immediately called Jamir (Claxton) aside and asked him what was going on with sports in Nevis. As a born Nevisian, I was concerned,’ said Wiltshire.

Out of that discussion, representatives from the Nevis Sports Department were invited to a meeting of the St.Kitts Sports Department which also featured a presentation by Sports Minister, Hon. Shawn Richards.

The decision was then made that both departments would meet in Nevis to plot the way forward in terms of a collaborative endeavour by the two sporting bodies.

The meeting commenced with words of welcome from Junior Minister of Sports in the Nevis Island Administration, Hon Hazel Brandy-Williams who applauded the initiative and noted that she was looking forward to the many creative ways of bringing people to our shores and the fostering of a closer bond between both Departments.

She also noted some areas to be looked at closely which included the National Olympic committee and a constitution for Football.

After words by Director Wiltshire, there was an open discussion on the proposed partnership which included:

Federal competitions (schools); resource cooperation (coaches, equipment etc); coaching education; staff development (administrative and otherwise); policy development; national sporting programs and facility use.

There was also a breakaway session, where the participants met in smaller groups and the day concluded with a meeting of Department heads.

Coordinator of the Sports Department on Nevis, Mr. Jamir Claxton, described the historic meeting of minds as ‘cordial and fruitful.’

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