Hon. Joseph Parry describes recent homicides on Nevis as reckless and foolish

By Monique Washington


The third homicide in Nevis for the year 2017 has been described by the leader of the Nevis Reformation Party, (NRP) and representative of St. Thomas Parish, Hon. Joseph Parry as a foolish and reckless act.

Speaking at a press conference organized by the NRP on Tuesday, April 18, 2017, the NRP leader stated that it is very hurtful and painful to him to see that a second murder has happened in his constituency for 2017.

“Of course none of us can condone what happened (some) Sundays ago regardless of the circumstances of the situation. Persons should be free to travel all over the island and anywhere they wish and enjoy themselves. In such a small society, on such a small island, there should be no place you can’t go and enjoy yourself,” the leader said.

Parry said that he visited the home of the late Morella Webb and met with her grandmother, brother, sister, aunt and her two children.

“The five years old and she was crying uncontrollably. I was surprised that she knew her mother had died.  She had said her mother had died and she is not coming back. That was most painful to see, an innocent five year old child mourning an innocent mother who was gunned down foolishly, recklessly without any sense.  I am not excusing the behavior of the gangs on the island; they need to go,” he emphasized.

Parry informed the gathering that the Nevis Reformation Party “was dealing with” the gang situation and as such he did not feel it was necessary to ‘lock up” everybody.

“We were reaching out to gang leaders and trying to get them to understand the damage they do to the economy of Nevis, the hurt they can bring to parents and to the communities and how they can cause a decline on this island. We were teaching them the way of living on their own island,” he informed the persons at the function.

Parry noted that the NRP’s approach was criticized by the then opposition party, the Concerned Citizens Movement, (CCM).

“They had no understanding or interest in the people of Nevis.  We were ridiculed when we sent people to Trinidad and Tobago to train even though today those people are leaders in the field in which they were trained,” he said.

“A five year old child and a three year old child are left to mourn. What will become of them? Who will take care of them? Who will be there to make sure they will go to primary school, and high school and sixth form and university?” he concluded.

Morella Webb and another young lady, both residents of Cotton Ground sat in a parked car on Easter Monday at about 3:45 am when an unknown assailant/s opened fire on the vehicle. According to the official police report “both individuals received gunshot injuries and were taken to the Alexandra Hospital for treatment. One of the victims died at the hospital”. Dead was Morella Webb.



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