By Nevispages.com Reporter

Charlestown Nevis (February 12, 2019) – Nevispages reached out to the Hon. Patrice Nisbett for his take on Friday, February 8, 2019 for his take on the press release by the NIA dated Thursday, February 7, 2019. That release indicated that the Vance Amory International Airport was to be handed over to B&L Worldwide Ltd, a company operated by a politician from St. Kitts, Mr. Jonel Powell.

“What was Alexis Jeffers thinking when he and the NIA Cabinet saw it fit to give away the control of Nevis’ Airport without asking the permission of the people of Nevis? This is a joke”, Nisbett indicated.

“The interest of Nevis must always be front and center in every decision the NIA and all elected officials in Nevis make. How could Jeffers think that giving away our Airport, in this very secret deal, is in the best interest of Nevisians? Where is his Patriotism to the people of Nevis?”, Nisbett added.

Nisbett went on, “Every Nevisian should feel insulted and angry that local Nevisian businessmen were not allowed the opportunity to engage the government to seek investors. Instead, the company managed by an inexperienced St. Kitts lawyer and politician Mr. Jonel Powell, closely aligned with CCM, was given the opportunity to run Nevis’ Airport. This is cronyism at the highest level”.

Nisbett concluded, “This is a dangerous trend for Alexis Jeffers by betraying the people of St. James and Nevis. First, he destroyed the lovely beach at Oualie by championing an unnecessary pier and now he was the acting Premier when he “sold out” the Airport. Brantley, by being absent made sure that shame and stain would remain on Jeffers. The people of St. James have to wonder what will Jeffers do next. Many are now wondering if the portion of Nevis Peak that sits in St. James, or in all of Nevis, actually belong to Nevisians anymore. People are now wondering when the possible owners of Nevis Peak will show up to stake their claim.”

Efforts by this media house to reach the Hon. Alexis Jeffers were unsuccessful.

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