Hon. Robelto Hector demands immediate dismissal of Hon. Mark Brantley by Federal Government and NIA

Hon. Robelto Hector, the Nevis Reformation Party’s candidate for Charlestown, Nevis on Thursday, June 07, 2017, issued a demand on both the Federal Government of St. Kitts and Nevis, and the Nevis Island Administration.

The demand is for the leaders of the two governments, Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris, and the Hon. Vance Amory to relieve the Hon. Mark Brantley, Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Federal Government and Deputy Premier, in the NIA, of all of his duties with immediate effect for conduct unbecoming of a minister of government in both the Federal Government and the NIA.

Hector, in an interview with this media house has indicated that if both governments fail to dismiss Brantley, they would appear to be condoning the actions of Minister Brantley which may undermine the public confidence of the general public in elected officials.

This stemmed out of a High Court of Justice decision issues on May 15, 2017, by Acting High Court Judge, Justice Darshan Ramdhani in a case brought by Anne Hendricks Bass against the Director of Physical Planning, the Development Advisory Committee and Caribbean Development Consultant Limited, an Intervening Party.

The decision by Justice Ramdhani appeared to highlight that many conflicts of interest surrounded the Deputy Premier’s dealing with matter. It appeared that Brantley was representing the interest of the NIA, his wife, the developer and his law firm all in the same matter.

This then prompted Hector to write to Hon. Harris and Hon. Amory to ask both to dismiss Brantley with immediate effect.

In his letter, Hector also demanded that both governments empanel an independent commission to investigate the activities of Brantley surrounding the matters. Likewise, he also demanded that both Parliaments meet to enact the Integrity and Public Life Act and Ordinance.

Hector has indicated that if both governments fail to take the necessary actions, he may be forced to seek other legal recourses to bringing the matter to a conclusion.

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