CSS Take Honors in Inter High School Championships.

By Curtis Morton

The second annual inter high schools championships, on Nevis, after it was revived last year, took place at the ET Willet Park, on the weekend of Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th March, after an impressive opening ceremony on Friday 9th March.

It was a major event, featuring TRACK and FIELD. The athletes from the three competing schools: Charlestown Secondary; Gingerland Secondary and The Nevis International Secondary School, competed fiercely in the 400; 800; 200; 1200; 1500; 100; 4X100; 4X400.

The two main schools in contention were the Charlestown Secondary and the Gingerland Secondary schools, with the Nevis International, with its much smaller roll, also making it to the podium on a few occasions.

The final results were not immediately available but at the completion of the 800 meters races, the medal count was as follows:

CSS -44 golds; 34 silver; 21 bronze-a total of 99 medals

GSS-14 golds; 18 silver; 23 bronze- a total of 55 medals

NISS -1 gold; 3 silver; 4 bronze—a total of 8 medals

With only the 100 meters and the relays to follow and with CSS again dominating those races, it was obvious that the CSS team had won by a convincing margin.


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