GSS Holds Career Fair

Her honour Perletta Lanns

Gingerland, Nevis-it was the brain child of Guidance Counselor, Ms. Shirley Wilkes, fully supported by her staff colleagues at the Gingerland Secondary School.

The school hosted a career fair, on Wednesday 6th February at the school’s compound.

Ms. Wilkes pointed out that it was used to assist students who were in the school leaving classes to be educated on the various jobs available and they were even exposed to mock job interview sessions and a review in the writing of resumes.

The younger students were also invited, so as to peak their interest in choosing subject areas, relevant to their planned career choices.

Various booths were set up at different points of the school’s compounds and representatives from quite a number of businesses and professions, were on hand to inform the students about the various job opportunities, student loans etc.

Among those present were: The School’s Cooperative; the Nevis Cooperative Credit Union; retired Judge, Her honour; Ms. Perletta Lanns; The Customs and Excise Department; The Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis; The Nurses; The Health Promotion Unit; the Fire Department; the Ministry of Tourism and many more.

Teacher Shirley Wilkes

Some of the children were also appropriately attired in uniforms befitting the professions to which they are aspiring.

Ms. Wilkes coded the day’s activities as a huge success.

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