IAAF Level One Course Winds Down

Coaches, Mr. Craig Connor and Ms Roatter Johnson have been extremely busy as they coach and monitor the potential coaches on Nevis as the IAAF level one course heads to its conclusion on Thursday 12th December.

On Wednesday 11th the prospective coaches still looked pretty enthused as they were assessed for their practical exams.

On this day, they were made to plan specific activities and lead out in their execution with the other would be coaches as their ‘students.’

Mr. Connor and Ms Johnson watched closely and awarded relevant points based on a set criterion established by the IAAF.
Today, Thursday 12th December, the potential coaches will return to a class room styled environment and will be involved in their theoretical examinations—maybe their toughest test yet.

According to release from NAAA chief Lester Blackett, the number has dwindled from the original 28 who started to 21. Those remaining are:
1. Marc Yohan Manners
2. Jasmine Charles
3. A. Carlos Liburd
4. Aljay Brandon Newton
5. Daquani Newton
6. Latoya Bussue
7. Dulani Phillip
8. Jamal Jean Jacques
9. Shamyse Bartlette
10. Bentley Bissette
11. Govanie Manners Hendrickson
12. Kazel Williams
13. Adrian Williams
14. Tasha Parris Forrester
15. Tricia Williams
16. Vijay Harrinarain
17. Jefry Lewis
18. Shirmon Caines
19. Adelvin Phillip
20. Reginald Gumbs
21. Melissa Gumbs

The closing ceremony for the course will take place today Thursday 12th December at 6.30 pm at the ET Willet Park.

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