The annual Independence Drag race meet was held at the St.James’ Raceway on Sunday 20th September.

The event attracted a sizeable crowd at the recently refurbished race track.

The spectators started to file in from as early as 10 am to witness the test and tune and qualifying events. They were also able to sit a lot closer to the action, thanks to the fact that a new stand had been erected for their comfort.

The race officials were also a lot better accommodated as the vehicles were housed in a newly paved area where they were more secured away from the track.

The eternal rivalry between St.Kitts and Nevis continued with the racers and cars from both islands pitting their skills against each other.

Among the cars on show was the popular King of Calle with the full support entourage.

There was also representation from St.Maarten and Anguilla.

The final results are still to be released but the winners were set to receive cash prizes as follows:

14sec class-$500, 13sec class-$700, 12sec class-$900, 11Sec class-$1200, 10sec class-$1400, Open Class A-$1800, Open Class B/Outlaw Class-$2000, Open Bike-$1000.

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