By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis-Miss Lorraine Archibald, Gender Affairs Coordinator at the Social Services Department in Nevis, revealed on Tuesday that International Men’s day will be observed on Saturday 19th November and her department will be leading out on certain activities, in collaboration with other Government departments.

‘We love our men and we are reaching out to them to encourage them to look out for their health and wellbeing,’ she said.

She took time out to elaborate on the activities that have been planned to center around the important day:

  • A church service was held on Sunday 13th November at the Cross Road Community Church in Brown Pasture
  • Tuesday 16th November-Let’s Talk program on VON radio. Topic: ‘Grooming men for tomorrow, today’
  • Friday 18th November-Health fair and fun day at the Villa grounds, situated next to the Charlestown Secondary school from 1 pm to 6 pm
  • A health walk and breakfast on Saturday 26th from 6 am. The walkers will assemble at Lime Beach bar, situated at Pinney’s Beach. The route will involve a walk along Pinneys beach, up to Villa Paradisio and on return, the walkers will share in a sumptuous, free breakfast.

There will be no event held on the actual International men’s day, which is Saturday 19th November. However, the Health fair and fun day which will be held on Friday 18th November will be the main event for the observance.

This activity will be coordinated in the main, by the Youth and Sports Department and the Health Promotion Unit.

Mrs. Nadine Carty-Caines, HIV/AIDS Coordinator at the Health Promotion Unit, noted that the activity will commence at 1 pm at the Villa grounds and all men on Nevis are kindly asked to be present in order to check up on their health status.

‘We are aware that men do not normally rush to get their checkups at the Doctor and we are trying to change this mindset, through education and we will also be doing quite a number of health checks for the men,’ she said.

She pointed out that world diabetes day was observed on Monday 14th November and her Unit decided that it would be good to collaborate on this activity so that they can share relevant information with the general public in observance of the two significant days.

The health checks will include: Blood pressure screening; blood pressure testing; waist circumference testing and body mass index (BMI).

Chef Henville will also be on hand to conduct some food demonstrations and Nutritionist Mrs. Vernice Blackett will be also present to share information on what an ideal healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner should look like.

Director of Sports on Nevis, Jamir Claxton indicated that his department will be on board in full with the activity.

‘We are aware that men are normally very actively involved in sporting activities and we will be stressing the importance of exercise and physical activity,’ he stated.

Some of the activities that will be coordinated by the Department of Youth and Sports on the day are: Track races such as 50 meters and 80 meters and fun races such as lime and spoon; sack races and crab races.

There will also be Cricket and Football matches.

The men are invited to bring along their ‘significant others’ and their children, in order to make the day a health filled and fun filled one.

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