Irish Town Purse Snatcher Apprehended By Police

A local teenager grabbed a cruise ship worker’s purse as she walked near the Garden Housing in Mc Knight on Friday 1 November 2013. According the worker, the youth ran up behind her and grabbed her purse which she held on to as she fell to the ground and bruised her arms and legs.

Eyewitnesses came to her aid and gave police a description of the teen suspect. Police have launched a massive search for the known suspect and have been receiving tips of his whereabouts from the public.

The search which was being conducted by members of the CID, SSU and DELTA Squad, continued into its second day and the suspect has been apprehended and will be formally charged.

Commissioner Walwyn wishes to thank the public for the tips that were called in giving the movements of the suspect. The Commissioner also thanks the leadership of CID, SSU, and Delta for their relentless pursuit of this teenage who sought to jeopardise the economy of this Federation through this selfish act.

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