Is Nevis Now A Colony of St. Kitts

By Nevis Reformation Party

Charlestown, Nevis (Thursday, January 10, 2019)– During the recently delivered 2019 New Year’s message, leader of the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP), Mr. Robelto Hector said that “Nevisians have lost their independence under this Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) led Administration.”

According to Mr. Hector, much of the proof of this dependency was once again captured in the presentation of the 2019 NIA Budget in December. Nevisians have observed for the past few years, the Nevis Island 

Administration receiving what they call “budgetary support” from St. Kitts. More commonly known as “Fair Share”, a term popularized by the Unity Construct, it amounts to a monthly payment of $2.5 million. However, since it lacks any legal framework that guarantee it as income, it is not categorized as recurrent revenue.

The NRP Leader questioned whether the funds raised from processing fees from the CBI remained constant over the past 48 months or have the amount increased or decreased and what was the formula or basis for deciding the amount to be paid to Nevis?

“We have observed that for the past four years since the CCM has abandoned the Nevis Island Administration and the residents of the island for their new home on St. Kitts, the so called budgetary support has never increased,” stated Hector.  He questioned, “Is Nevis being a colony of St. Kitts?” If not, are we being sold down the drain to keep Nevisians in line and quiet?”

During the 2015 Federal election the CCM along with the PAM and PLP political organizations signed the “Charlestown Accord” by affidavit, which promised Nevis a lump sum payment of three hundred million dollars.  According to Mr. Hector, many on Nevis are now asking… “Did it arrive?”

Mr. Hector concluded, “If we are now receiving $2.5 million a month it will take us ten long and insulting years to get our payment. Talk about insult to Nevis. CCM is part and parcel of this union that continues to suffocate and subdue our island home.”

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