Fourteen year old Issiah Wilkin of Brick Kiln village returned home on Tuesday 19th July with his coach Reggie Douglas, after competing successfully in the John T Memorial Cycling race, in Anguilla, last weekend.

According to Douglas, the event was in its 17th year and was actually the race that gave him the impetus to become the outstanding Cyclist that he has become.

‘That’s the race that kinda break me out,’ he said.

He stated that because of the challenging nature of the course, he has decided to ensure that all of the youngsters who he trains, get a similar opportunity to test their skills in the event.

He noted that young Wilkin has been working extremely hard and he decided to enter him for the event, not necessarily for a win but to evaluate the level that he is at and what else he needs to do, as regards training.

Wilkin competed in the Cadet aspect of the event and out of 14 athletes, placed a creditable ninth and whereas some athletes dropped out, due to the intensity of the course, Wilkin completed it in grand style.

‘It was test of his endurance,’ said Reggie. He stated that Wilkin handled himself exceptionally well.

Douglas also indicated that he also used the opportunity to guide Wilkin on aspects of nutrition and eating properly.

Wilkin for his part stated that he got interested in the sport from since age twelve and thanked his mom and Reggie Douglas for their encouragement and assistance.

He indicated that he intends to continue to pursue his dreams in the sport and that is to excel and represent Nevis at the highest level possible.

Douglas indicated that the Nevis Development Cycling program sponsored the tickets for the trip and Isaiah’s Mom assisted with a stipend for the young athlete.

Douglas indicated that he has a few more youngsters in training and vowed to ensure that they too get the necessary exposure in order to excel.

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