IWPS Hosts Road Relays

The Ivor Walters Primary School, held its annual road relays on Friday 15th February.
Parents, siblings and other family members were on hand to witness the excitement.
The results were as follows:

Junior Girls
1st Red 2nd Gold 3rd Green

Junior Boys
1st Green 2nd Red 3rd Gold

Senior Girls
1st Green 2nd Red 3rd Gold

Senior Boys
1st Green 2nd Red 3rd Gold

The updated results were also received from the previously held cross country events as follows:
1st Kervinique Liburd-Gold;
2nd Natania McDonald-Red;
3rd Kare’nique Storrod-Green;
4th Taylor James-Gold;
Jae’anna Parris-Green

1st Aljaye Guishard-Gold;
2nd K’vern Herbert-Red;
3rd T’vern Herbert-Red;
4th Ronel Huggins-Gold;
5th Caldre Isaac –Red

Grades 1 and 2 Girls
1st Shemalla Pope-Red;
2nd Le’Mya Charles-Gold;
3rd Kejohne Thompson;
4th Jazira George-Green
Shadonnay James-Gold

1st Le’Ma-ya Charles-Gold;
2nd Zhyaire Jeffers-Gold;
3rd Leondre Wattley-Red;
4th Roniel Bartlette-Green

Grades 3 to 6 Girls
1st Shevoncia Browne –Green;
Marika Kendall-Green;
Juliska Mills-Red;
Nathalie Providence-Gold

1st Ahijah Williams-Green;
2nd Julian Richards-Red;
Jaheem Hazel-Red;
Richards –Red;
Leon Thompson Jr-Green;
Ajauhni Brown-Red

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