IWPS Receives Brand New Football Gear

By:Curtis Morton

A brief but significant ceremony took place at the Ivor Walters primary school on Wednesday 25th October.

It was during the morning assembly’s session, that Headmistress, Mrs. Janice Richards, introduced two gentlemen to the students and staff members present.

Firstly, she called upon Mr. Oscar Browne aka King Astro, who in addressing the gathering, noted that he was visiting the school recently and was in discussion with Mrs. Richards on another matter, when the conversation shifted to the IWPS Football team and the suggestion was made that they should be outfitted with new uniforms.

Browne said that he committed then and there that he would assist in acquiring new uniforms for the team, which is incidentally the defending champions of Primary school Football on Nevis.

He stated that he spoke with Area representative Hon. Mark Brantley, who asked him to do the necessary research and get a quotation of the cost for the Football gear.

He reported back to Minister Brantley with the figures and told him that he would take care of half of the cost, to which Mr. Brantley replied that he would take care of the entire cost.

Hon. Mark Brantley was then introduced to the gathering and he indicated that he would have attended the IWPS for a part of his primary school years-from grade five to grade six and stated that he cherished the time he spent at the school.

He indicated that when he was approached by King Astro about getting the uniforms for the school’s team, it was really a ‘no brainer’ in terms of his positive response to acquire the gear.

He wished the team well in the ongoing Football league and asked them to wear the new uniforms with pride, opining that the new uniforms should aspire them to even greater things this year.

He then, officially handed over the Football gear to Headmistress Richards, who gratefully accepted on behalf of the school.

The gear includes twenty-two jerseys and trousers, along with accompanying socks.

The IWPS lost their opening game versus the EPPS team last Friday, but have vowed to rectify matters tomorrow as they participate in round two of the 2017 league.

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