By:Curtis Morton

He is commonly referred to as JABAL. Real name: Errol Tyson.

He is the no nonsense Curator at the ET Willet Park and confided that he started in that role, all the way back in 1981.

‘It was a huge moment for me,’ said the seasoned pitch expert.

‘I prepared the pitch for the game between Barbados and the Leewards. People like Richards (Sir Vivian) and Haynes were playing in that match.’

On Monday 19th September, at the ceremonial parade for the Independence celebrations for 2016, Errol JABAL Tyson, was one of seven persons who were presented with Independence awards for outstanding work in their respective fields.

When his name was called, JABAL who was hardly recognizable, in an enviable brown suit, complete with a top hat, raised his hands skywards in exuberation, much to the appreciation of the crowd.

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