Errol JABAL Tyson is the man behind the scenes. He is the long serving Curator at the ET Willett Park and in a recent interview, indicated that he has been recently promoted to a supervisory role. He overseas two other workers who help to keep the Park in good order and a cleaner.

JABAL indicated that his usual work day commences at about 7 am and he usually goes down to about 6.30 in the evenings, as he has  to close up the Park, after the cricketers and other athletes are done with their training exercise.

His daily takes include: Keeping the general area of the Park clean; keeping the grass cut on a regular basis; preparing the cricket pitches; turning on the lights; opening and closing the Park on a daily basis.

His work load extends to weekends but he really has no problem working the extra hours as he totally enjoys his work.

When asked how he would respond to some persons who consider him to be difficult to work with, JABAL indicated that he takes his work seriously and sometimes some people cannot cope with that, but he will just continue to do his work to the best of his ability.

JABAL received an Independence award complements of the Nevis Island Administration, in September of 2016.

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