Jam Dem Gets Rousing Send Off

Cotton Ground-Nevis:  Real name: Walter Wallace,  Sobriquet: JAM DEM.

The well-known iconic character passed away at the Alexandra Hospital on Monday, 5th March, and his funeral service was held on Tuesday, 13th March, at the Cotton Ground Methodist Church.

There was no room left in the church as scores of mourners from across the island came to pay their last respects to a man who made a name for himself.

A special item in song was presented by Ms. Mary Dore, and a very insightful eulogy was presented by Chelsey FARO Davis who spoke of a man who was multi-faceted.

He was well known in Charlestown for his musical ability using discarded objects, and his ‘floral designs’ all across Charlestown were truly unique.

He was also known for composing songs on the spur of the moment about current events.

As he sat on the sidewalks in Charlestown, he always had a ready smile and a story to share.

He also had a unique dance which was referred to as the JAM DEM dance.

Everyone who knew him would have been entertained by his antics and his cultural presentations.

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