Jamkit Association Donates To Flamboyant Senior Citizens Home

By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis-The Jamaican –Kittitian Association (JAMKIT), on Monday 29th May, made a presentation of toiletries to the Flambuoyant senior citizens home, in Charlestown.

The ceremony which was held at the conference room of the Alexandra hospital, included a musical prelude, an invocation by Mr. Orette Smith-Secretary/Treasurer of the Association and the national anthems of Jamaica and St.Kitts-Nevis.

Vice President of JAMKIT, Mr. Winston Morrison gave a brief overview and background information on his group. He noted that the group is the association of Jamaicans and friends of Jamaicans, including partners of Jamaicans, living in the Federation of St. Kitts & Nevis (SKN).  The JAMKIT Association aims to unite Jamaicans residing in St Kitts & Nevis in fellowship and make regular contributions to the community, in keeping with its motto of ‘Goodwill and Unity through service, to positively contribute in service to the community in which its members live.’

As a result, there are many areas in which JAMKIT Members contribute to the community. They have made contributions to such organizations and institutions as the Alzheimer’s disease Association of St. Kitts and Nevis; persons suffering from renal failure; the Flambuoyant Nursing home and the Cecele Browne Integrated School.

The Association has also shared the Jamaican culture and history, through food, craft and music and in other areas and have awarded and recognized Jamaican nationals who positively impact the development of St.Kitts and Nevis.

He also hinted to a possible name change in the future, which would incorporate the Nevis aspect of the organization.

Ms. Velona Claxton then informed the gathering about the idea. She indicated that the idea was born during a meeting of the association in April 2016 and it was agreed that a fund raising gospel concert should be held.

The concert was held at the NEPAC building and was highly successful and inspirational. A follow up meeting was used to finalize how the proceeds should be distributed and in consultation with Nurse Manager of the home, Ms. Donna Haley, various well needed items were identified.

The items which were officially handed over by JAMKIT president, Miss Carol Phillips, to the Hospital Administrator, Mr. Gary Pemberton, included: Pampers; wipes; baby oils; lotions; petroleum jelly; sudocream; toothpaste; toothbrushes and nail clippers.

In accepting the generous donation, Mr. Pemberton noted that the items were used on a regular basis at the home and are basic necessities.

He thanked the JAMKIT Association for thinking of the seniors and addressing some of their needs. He also expressed his hope and desire that such a partnership between JAMKIT and the Ministry of Health on Nevis and in particular, the Hospital and seniors home, will continue way into the future.

Also present at the brief ceremony were: Matron Aldris Dias; Asst. Matron Jessica Scarborough; Nurse Manager Joya Lake; Asst. Hospital Administrator-Miss Marlene Jeffers and other members of the JAMKIT Association.

The members of the JAMKIT Association were then treated to an official tour of the hospital and the Flambuoyant seniors home.

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