Basseterre, St Kitts; 13 August 2015:  On 6 August 1962, Jamaica became the first British Colony in the English-speaking Caribbean to gain Independence.  Since then, another 13 former British colonies in the Caribbean, culminating with St. Kitts & Nevis in 1983, have joined the ranks of independent states.  Nestled in the Caribbean Sea, 90 miles south of Cuba and 120 miles west of Hispaniola (Haiti and Dominican Republic), the “Land of Wood and Water” is the largest English speaking island in the West Indies, boasting a total land area of 4442 square miles being 145 miles long and 50 miles at its widest point.

The 53th Anniversary of Political Independence of Jamaica celebrated on 6 August 2015 is an important landmark for Jamaica and the Jamaican Kittitian (JamKit) Association, the Association of Jamaicans and friends of Jamaicans living in the Federation of St Kitts & Nevis (SKN).  Therefore, the Association was very happy to be welcomed with open arms by Pastor Jim Rawlins, and members and friends of the Norwich Holiness Church, Central Street, Basseterre on Sunday, 9 August 2015 to what has been dubbed as its Proud and Free! Jamaica 53 Church Service in SKN.  The Church opened its doors to the JamKit Association as part of the SKN Celebration of Jamaica’s 53rd Anniversary of Independence.

The Members and Friends of Jamkit were blessed with songs and a wonderful message preached by Sister Elziva Trotman.  The first scripture was read by Dr. Joan Rawlins, Jamaican and member of JamKit, while the opening prayer was said by Dr. Samuel Rawlins, Kittitian and member of JamKit.

The President of the JamKit Association, Miss Carol Phillips, made a presentation about the history, culture and the development of Jamaica.   The presentation was very informative and by virtue of the applause, much appreciated by the members of the congregation.   It spoke to some important topics including some of the Jamaican history, the type of government, culture, sports, tourism development, education system, economic growth, and the National Emblems of Jamaica.

The Jamaicans present, most dressed in the colours of the Jamaican flag, were called upon to sing the Jamaican National Anthem which they did to much applause from the other members of the congregation.

Pastor Rawlins and members of the Norwich Holiness Church prayed for the Nations of Jamaica and SKN and asked God to strengthen and prosper the leaders and people of both countries.

The JamKit Association members will come together for their contributory 53rd Independence Social and Games Evening on Saturday, 15 August 2015 at the St. George’s Anglican Church Hall (Old Girls’ School) starting at 6.30pm.

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