Jets Pummel Calypso

It was an annihilation of sorts, as the tape ball competition continued at the ET Willet Park on Monday 15th October.

SDA Jets came up against Calypso in game number one.

Calypso won the toss and made the mistake to send in the Jets first.

Curtis Morton Junior teamed up with Zavero Forbes to pummel the bowling to all parts of the Park.

By the time the ten overs were completed, they had racked up by far, the biggest total up to this point, in the tournament-155 for 2.

The obviously fatigued Calypso men in response, struggled to 61 for 8 in their 10 overs, with Curtis Morton Jr, again being their main tormentor, bagging 3 wickets for a mere 5 runs.

Summarized scores: SDA Jets 155 for 2 from 10overs: Curtis Morton Jr 67*; Zavero Forbes 43

Ev Webbe 1 for 24

Calypso 61 for 8 from 10: Duan Webbe 18; Garfield Jeffers 16

Curtis Morton Jr 3 for 5; Curtis Morton Sr; Randolph Maynard and Brian Dowe, all got one wicket each

Jets won by all of 94 runs

Man of the match –Curtis Morton Jr

In the second game of the evening, GT United came up against Highlights. GT United, for the first time in the tournament, looked very uncertain, as they made their way to a paltry 66 for 6 in their allotted 10 overs.

However, their bowlers came to the party and Highlights could only muster 39 for 6 in response, from their 10 overs.

Summarized scores: GT United 66 for 6 in 10 overs: Bodgenarine Sharma 18; Anand Bhim 15

Clive Hamilton 3 for 11; Mills, Nisbett and Wallace 1 wicket each

Highlights 39 for 6 in 10 overs: Clive Hamilton 19

Rakeesh Subramani 2 for 5; K. Persaud 2 for 3; Bhim and Hardyal 1 wicket each

GT United won by 27 runs

Man of the match-Clive Hamilton

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