The warning signs were loud and clear and it is not just because announcer, Eric Evelyn, repeatedly stated that the Joycelyn Liburd Primary School will be ‘going to town on March 30th to bring back what is rightfully theirs,’ but more so from the strong warning signals emanating from the fleet footed athletes on the track.

The action was at the Gingerland Recreation grounds on Thursday 3rd March, as the JLPS, Inter Primary champs 2015, held its annual sports meet, under the distinguished patronage of past outstanding athlete at the school, Mrs.. Zelma Mills-Patterson.

Headmistress Barbara Hendrickson upheld the standards set by past Principal, Mrs. Marion Lescott and so the meet commenced promptly at 12.30 pm.

The athletes marched impressively to the wonderful accompanying sounds of the Methodist church drum band.

Then the on track action got underway as the athletes competed fiercely in the 400; 800; 200; 60; 100; 1200; 4X100 and 4X400 meters events; along with the hurdles and endurance races.

The huge crowd was thrilled from start to finish and several records were broken throughout the day.

The ultimate star however, was Devonte Liburd who ran every single race and featured in first place in most of them.

The final points standings were as follows:

Green Giants 443 points-champions

Blue Jaguars -414 points-second

Red Eagles-317 points-third

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