Join the Movement for Trash Free Seas: NHCS and Ocean Conservancy team up to Clean Up Saturday, September 21th, 2013

NHCS joins hundreds of thousands of people around the world for Trash Free Seas this September during the 28th annual International Coastal Cleanup.

What: The NHCS has joined the movement for Trash Free Seas by being a part of the 28th Annual International Coast Cleanup, a global event that mobilizes hundreds of thousands of people to take action for our ocean, lakes and rivers.

By joining the movement for Trash Free Seas, volunteers will help clean up trash already in the ocean and work to reduce their own trash impact before it happens.

Trash in our ocean is an issue that affects our food, the environment and our economy. Everyone has a role that they can play in helping to Clean Up Nevis by spending just a few hours removing trash and debris from our beaches and communities.

Ocean Conservancy uses that information to produce an annual snapshot of the problem of marine debris. In the past 27 years, more than 10 million volunteers have removed 163 million pounds of trash from more than 330,000 miles of coastline and waterways in 153 countries and locations.

On Nevis in 2012, over 200 people picked up 5,867 pounds of trash covering 9.4 miles of beach and coastal lands. Across the world volunteers picked up a quantity of trash equivalent to the weight of 10 jumbo jets.

When/Where: Saturday, September 21th from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., join a team by contacting the NHCS at 469-5786 to Cleanup sites near you! Come and Sign Up to Clean Up OUR BEAUTIFUL NEVIS!

We could never accomplish this task without the help of volunteers. We look forward to your tremendous contribution once again this year! Volunteers will be served lunch at Coconut Grove. Groups and individuals please contact the NHCS and register!

Nevis Historical and Conservation Society
Samuel E. Hunkins Drive
Charlestown, Nevis

Please become empowered citizens and take action to guard and protect the ocean and its wildlife for future generations!

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