Joycelyn Liburd Primary School’s senior boys’

The Joycelyn Liburd Primary School’s senior boys’ cross country, was held on the afternoon of Friday 25th January.
The event saw almost 40 boys from grades 3 to 6 competing over the grueling course.
They started in the vicinity of the Gingerland Preschool and headed through Hard Times; through Rawlins, which included a couple of testing hills and then made a left turn by the residence of the famous Willie Natta, then made another left turn by Sambo Hanley, down the Rawlins main road and entering the Ural Swanston highway and finishing in the school yard.
Apparently, the hills were no threat to young Carlon Ferdinand, who not only ran the entire race at a fair clip, but unlike the other athletes, did not stop a single time to catch his breath.
When he entered the school yard to the loud cheers of the huge crowd present, third grader D’Quan Benjamin, was a distant second.

The top spots were as follows:
1. Carlon Ferdinand (Blue)
2. D’Quan Benjamin (Blue)
3. Carlton Pluck (Green)
4. Keniyo Challenger (Green)
5. Nyanjay Liburd (Green)
6. Isaiah Chapman (Green)
7. Shandon Burton (Blue)
8. Joshua Liburd (Red)
9. Ashley Parris (Red)
10. Vaydan Clarke Neale (Blue)
11. Nikedre Hendrickson
Points Standing:
Red Eagles: 216 Green Giants: 221 Blue jaguars: 205

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