Judge Orders Ballot Re-examination In Patches Election Petition Case

High Court Judge Justice Trevor Ward QC, today, Friday 25th September 2020, ordered that the boxes coming out of St. Christopher One following the June 5th, 2020 general elections be reopened, and the rejected ballots be re-examined.

Oct 2nd, 2020 has been designated by the court for official inspection of the boxes.

In a court appearance last week, September 17th, Lawyers for Patches who lost the elections on June 5th after a dismal one term as the Representative for this Constituency argued that the ballot boxes should be re-opened and re-examined because most of the rejected votes, if considered valid, were cast in his favor. Senior Counsel Anthony Astaphan appearing for Hon Dr. Geoffrey Hanley who was victorious in those elections argued that for scrutiny, the ballots that are being objected to must be isolated and each ballot should constitute a separate trial.

Dr. Hanley’s legal team is confident based on the evidence given by witnesses in the matter, that the results will not change.

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