Juniors Create Much Excitement at JLPS

On Wednesday 23rd January, there was a fair sized gathering of parents, siblings, other family members and friends of the Joycelyn Liburd Primary school, as that school hosted its second set of cross country events for the athletic term.
There were two races which involved the grades one and two, girls and boys.
The testing course commenced close to the Gingerland Secondary School and the athletes ran along the main road and made a turn at BRINO’S shop in Hull Ground and then raced back to the school.
Both races were intense and very competitive and family members, teachers and supporters of the various houses, got involved in urging on the athletes.

JLPS junior girls top three

In the final analysis, the top results were:
Grades 1 & 2 Girls Grades 1&2 Boys
1. Jecynique Dore (Red) 1. Andrew Elliott (Blue
2. Sarai Fyfield (Green) 2. Nathaniel Chapman (Blue)
3. Rayshawncia Chapman (Green) 3. Tee-Ron Davis (Blue)
4. Shondell Freeman (Green) 4. Calliquan Gift (Green)
5. Sherique Lawrence (Blue) 5. Nigel Simmonds (Blue
6. Dwanequa Elliot (Blue) 6. Tyrese Freeman (Green)
7. Zhareniya Bartlette (Green) 7. Kiano Lawrence (Red)
8. Malikwa Peets (Blue) 8. Douglas Kelly (Green)
9. Selene Southwell (Blue) 9. Jahkeem Morton (Green)
10. Destiny Boddie (Red) 10. K’Vante Maynard (Red)

On the previous day, the Kindergarteners did their run and also created a fair share of excitement.
Their course started close to the Gingerland Health Center and then they ran along the main road, making a turn by the Gingerland Police station, then into the school yard.
The top results were:
Kindergarten Girls Kindergarten Boys
1. Achani Dasent (Red) 1. Ezekiel Douglas (Red)
(new record) (new record)
2. Kevonie Sutton (Green) 2. Kelron Liburd (Blue)
3. Tejanae Grant (Red) 3. Joshua Persaud (Green)
4. Lishaneh Stapleton (Red) 4. Dwight Otto (Green)
5. Stevania Reid (Green) 5. J’Kingly Liburd (Red)
6. Anniah Huggins (Blue) 6. Stefan Freeman
7. Clavenzia Morgan (Green) 7. Stefan Freeman
8. Akijah Demming (Blue) 8. Manasseh Hull
9. Tajinae Somersall (Green) 9. Timothy Sutton (Red)
10. Jamoya Smithen (Blue)

Points Standing:
Red Eagles …125 Green Giants—120 Blue Jaguars…115

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