Kathleen Flicks the Switch in Rawlins

By:Curtis Morton

Gingerland-Nevis- The village of Rawlins, in Gingerland, was a buzz of activity, on the evening of Saturday 16th December.

On that evening, the coordinating committee in the village, hosted the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony.  The program for the tree lighting ceremony, was held under the distinguished patronage of villager and hardworking Crossing Guard, Ms. Kathleen Liburd.

Mr. Eric Evelyn, CCM’s candidate for St. George’s, brought Christmas greetings, on behalf of Premier Vance Amory, who was absent.

The evening’s program was filled with the singing of Christmas carols, the reciting of poems and a creative dance, all featuring individuals from the village.

One of the outstanding performances was done by the popular Rawlins’ masquerades, who were at their brilliant best, with some special focus placed on one of their newest additions—the man called BLUEY, who entertained with his many antics.

So impressive were the masquerades, that many persons got involved in the well-known tradition of placing money within a circle and allowing the masquerades to limbo towards it, with the first one to limbo close enough, getting the opportunity to grab all.

Mr. Eric Evelyn also presented certificates of appreciation to some of the hard working villagers, who had made significant contributions to community development, over the year 2017.

A proud Kathleen Liburd then totally relished in the opportunity to pull the switch, effectively, lighting up the night sky, as the wonderfully decorated Christmas tree, shone forth in all of its glory.

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