KERYAN, a vibrant young man was killed by a boat on the beach in Nevis

Nevis, West Indies, March 5, 2018.

A twenty-four year old French National, Keryan was hit by a speed boat on Saturday February 24th, 2018 at 4.30 pm on Pinneys beach. His slaughter completely shattered the life of his family living on the island of Nevis.

Keryan’s mother, Marie-Claire, wrote in a letter, that her youngest son was enjoying snorkeling when a boat carrying guests from the Four Seasons hotel, killed her beloved son. Keryan was a student in France.

A brief remembrance ceremony was held at Pinney’s Beach on Saturday, March 3 to celebrate Keryan’s life. The Premier of Nevis, Hon. Mark Brantley and the Deputy Premier, Alexis Jeffers assisted at the ceremony.

The premature departure of Keryan shattered the family members, in their heart, their philosophy of life and their dreams. Howard, Marie-Claire’s husband said that the children’s visit was a surprise for their mum.

Keryan was widely travelled with the soul of a global citizen. Born in Reunion Island, a French territory, he also lived in the Comoros and Australia.

His mother briefly described Keryan’s personality: “Keryan was full of life and dreams, art and sport orientated. He loved to explore and discover Nature and wildlife. He held a compassionate heart, and wanted to make everybody happy around him…”

William, his 26 years old brother said that they worked together with Keryan achieving advanced plans to start their own business. Keryan was a talented partner. Another life shattered.

Estelle, Keryan’s fiancée had many beautiful projects with Keryan. Their main dream was to get married next year. Their love dreams are forever cut off.

Nevis was a retirement destination for Marie-Claire and Howard. Time will tell whether or not their hearts will lead them back to Nevis.

“The hurt is too deep, too destructive at the moment. My heart as a mum is bleeding with intense pain. Keryan won’t be back, Keryan won’t hug again, Keryan won’t laugh again, Keryan won’t dance again. Keryan is in Heaven…” Marie-Claire said.

As the bereaved family deals with the loss of their cherished son, brother, fiancé and friend, they ask the authorities on the island of Nevis to reflect on the lack of material infrastructure and regulations regarding water sport activities and proper training of all employees on duty at sea and on the beaches.

They complained of the scarcity of psychological support towards victims and their families during tragic accidents.

Marie-Claire called on Nevis Island Administration (NIA) to be proactive in making beaches safe for all swimmers to avoid any other tragic loss, any other senseless death.





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