Kevin’s Big Bash Set for September 22nd

He has been a spectator at the regular cricket matches organized at the Hard times play field and Kevin of Kevin’s Construction, has been so enthralled with the happenings, that he has decided to literally ‘put his money where his mouth is.’

Realizing that the three match series between the Guyanese team and the Rawlins team had reached its climax, Kevin, in search of more action, has put $2,200.00 on the line, for the two teams to play a big match on Sunday 22nd September.

According to chief coordinator of the cricketing action at Hardtimes, Michael WISE Herbert, Kevin has given certain specifications for the match. These include the fact that it has to be a 20 overs affair; each team must have at least one player under the age of 12 and with the match scheduled for a prompt 2 pm start, players getting to the grounds after that time, will not be allowed to play.
He has also stipulated that neither of the teams can draft in any players who did not play in the previous encounters.

The winnings will be broken down as follows:
$1,000.00 to the winning team
$500.00 to the losing team
$400.00 to the organizers, the commentators and DJ
$100.00 for a spectator taking a catch one handed, while being inside the fenced area
$200.00 for the umpires

According to Herbert, with other sponsors on board, spectators taking catches with both hands, will get $20.00.
There will also be a special prize for the player of the match as well.
From all indications, Hardtimes will be the place to be, come September 22nd.

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