By:Curtis Morton

Kian Pemberton boarded the MV Mark Twain on the afternoon of Thursday 8th December, en route to St.Kitts, where he was scheduled to spend the night before boarding a flight to Grenada, the following day.

He was accompanied by his adoring mother, Miss Elesia Pemberton and sister, Miss Michelle Slack. His mother actually continued the journey with him as far as St.Kitts.

Kian, who normally allows the ball to do all of his talking, was as per usual, very few with his words. When asked how he feels about being selected to the prestigious squad, he beamingly responded: ‘Excited.’

He however, committed to giving it his all and staying away from negatives vices, as he aims to go all the way to the top of his game.

His mother for her part, praised God for what he has achieved so far and stated that she knows that by God’s grace he will go all the way, as she continues to plea the blood of Jesus over his life.

Sister Michelle, who is a lawyer by profession, indicated that she knows very little about the game of Cricket, but now that her brother is so involved, she is becoming more and more interested in the game. She wished him every success in his endeavours.

Kian will join his fellow team mates in Grenada where they will undergo a training camp and then the squad will be reduced to 15 and will then participate in the upcoming Regional 50 overs tournament.

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