Kim Collins Shares Secret To His Success

By Curtis Morton

Track star from the federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, Kim Collins, along with his wife and coach, Paula, spent some time in Nevis on Monday 19th March.

The track star paused from his busy schedule, to have an interview with veteran Sports Journalist, Curtis Morton.

Morton reminded him that several years ago, he had conducted an interview with him and at that time he had indicated that he was retiring from competitive meets.

Kim noted that after that he participated in an IAAF coaching course and was inspired to continue to run, due to the things he learnt.

‘I discovered what the coaches knew as regards training and the things an athlete should or should not do, in order to be successful,’ he said.

He continued running and with the assistance of his coach (his wife Paula), he was able to continue to run with and beat other top athletes in the world, on a regular basis, even though he would have been older than most of them.

‘Nutrition, exercise and rest are important,’ he revealed.

He also had a word for the youths:

‘Stay on the right path. When you do bad, bad will follow you and when you do good, good will follow you.

When you do bad, you will lose your friends, nobody will want to be around you,’ he stated.

He also asked the adults within the community to step up to the plate and to be examples to the youth and seek to mentor them, so that they could take the right paths.


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