King of Cali Back With a Roar

King of Cali came back with a roar to win the OUTLAW class in the Winfes’ 2018 Drag race meet.
The meet was held at the St. James’ raceway on Sunday 20th May, in front of a sizeable crowd.
That, despite the fact that there was also a bumper crowd at the ET Willet Park, watching the Leewards Masters’ cricketers in action.
Racers on the day, represented host Nevis; St.Kitts and Montserrat.
The meet was held as part of the 2018 WINFES’ celebrations and there was music, food, drink and then much excitement on the track.

When the smoke cleared the following were the results:
14 seconds
Winner-Raynaldo Bradshaw –St. Kitts-Honda Civic
2nd place-Omar Mc Donald-Nevis-Honda Civic EK
13 seconds
Winner- Dylan Smithen-Nevis-Honda Civic EG
Second place-Jodean James—St. Kitts-Toyota Corolla
12 seconds
Winner-Bernel IKEY Nisbett-Nevis-Nissan 350z
Second place-Rease BEEMA Bailey-Nevis-Honda Civic EG
11 seconds
Winner–Shavarre HARVEY Liburd-Nevis-Evo 5
Second place-Melvon Gerald –Montserrat-Honda Civic EG
10 seconds
Winner-Teshaun Wells-Montserrat-Honda Civic EP
Second place-Jahved Warner –Montserrat-Honda Civic EG

9 seconds
Winner-Joe Grine (SHABBA/THE DENTIST)-Montserrat-Nissan Pulsar GTR
Second place-Oren Browne-Montserrat-Subaru WRX
Winner-king of Cali-rotary powered corolla-Nevis
Second place-Black Bird-Nevis-Toyota Supra

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