King of Cali back with vengeance for Culturama 39 and getting ready for Independence

By: Gavincia Clarke

(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS)- The new ‘King of Cali’ roared to life for the drag races of  Culturama 39. It ultimate mission was to destroy and dismantle any other competitor standing in its way. The newly re-designed car with its 13 B Manza RX7 engine, and a 1972 Nissan Datsun body, replaced its name sake that had also dominated drag racing in Nevis.

During an interview with Nevispages, owner of the speed sensation, Mr. Gavin ‘Moon’ Clarke of Church Ground boldly announced that the only competition his car, ‘King of Cali’ has is its own shadow. This was after the King of Cali fresh back on the block for Culturama 2013, crushed its opponents in grand style at the St. James’ Race Track on Sunday, August 4, 2013.

The Culturama drag races were organized with the participation of dragsters from the neighboring islands of St. Croix, St. Maarten, Anguilla, Antigua and St. Kitts. Fans heard about the return of the new kid on the block and many persons came out to see what the ‘King of Cali’ had to offer.

The ‘King of Cali’ left its fans and spectators speechless as it annihilated all of its competitors who thought they stood a chance by mounting feeble challenges. Gavin stated that this was the first time this car participated on the Nevis race track but even before the first race started some anticipated it would leave dust in the faces of the other competitors. He claimed that in 2008 he had a really fast car but this one exceeds the speed limit of the previous one by quite some margin.

In its last race against its opponent from St. Croix, the ‘King of Cali’ made history when it set a new record of 5.5 seconds. Fans and spectators were left stunned when the digit ‘5’ blinked on the score board. Gavin stated that when he returned to the track he returned to dominate.

He announced that the car was driven by Alexandra Lopez from Puerto Rico while Georgie Gonzales and Eric Maldonado also of Puerto Rico assisted in the pit.

At the end of his Culturama victory he was awarded with the championship trophy, $1800.00 E.C and a Blackberry Curve from LIME.

In closing, Gavin stated that he is hoping for greater achievements for the ‘King of Cali’. He hopes that he would have the opportunity to participate in other regional and international drag meets. According to Gavin, his aim is to not only to be the best on island, but also in the region. He also hopes that the ‘King of Cali’ would help to promote our beautiful island of Nevis

Gavin is now looking forward to the big drag meet in September 2013 for Independence weekend. He is highly optimistic that he would once again crush all of his opponents, leaving them all with ‘dust in dey face’.

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