‘King of Cali’ wins Championship Title Three Times in a Row

By: Gavincia Clarke

'King of Cali' in left lane and 'The Dan' in right lane
‘King of Cali’ in left lane and ‘The Dan’ in right lane

(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS)- Gavin ‘Moon’ Clarke with his popular known dragster ‘King of Cali’ made history at the St. James’s Race Track on Sunday, January 12, 2014 when he won the championship trophy three times in a row.

According to CJ Bartlette of the Nevis Drag Racing Unit, the meet on Sunday was dubbed as a ‘make-up race’ to compensate for the rained out event that took place in December of last year. Despite the event only being a local meet a sizeable crowd came out to show support to their favorite race car.

Like every other track meet, people were seen generating much excitement when cars such as ‘King of Cali’ and ‘The Dan’ headed to the finish line. Fans gathered close to the fence line to witness which vehicle would cross the finish line in first position.

‘Big sexy’ was present at the meet with a new paint job but never came to the starting line to compete with its competitors; thus leaving ‘The Dan’ to face off with the ‘King of Cali’ in the outlaw category.

'King of Cali'
‘King of Cali’

In the finals ‘King of Cali’ trounced ‘The Dan’ which was driven by Raynaldo ‘Ray’ Chiverton when it crossed the finish line in first positioned. ‘The Dan’ came back with revenge and beat ‘King of Cali’ in the second face off. ‘King of Cali’ was left at the starting line ‘dancing’ while ‘The Dan’ took off to victory.

Then, it was the third race, here winner takes all. ‘King of Cali’ in the left lane and ‘The Dan’ in the right lane. As both cars revved, fire was seen blowing from the ‘King of Cali’, the crowd went wild. Gavin Clarke remained invincible when he beat ‘The Dan’ by at least 10 car lengths that earned him the championship title once again.

The driver of ‘King of Cali’, Alex Lopez of Puerto Rico had to pull the parachute to prevent the car from reaching the sand pit.

It was the opinion of those who witnessed the race that this was the fastest time ‘King of Cali’ ever ran. However, that would remain a belief since the timer at the race track is temporarily out of order.

Nevis, handsomely won all of the categories except for a lone female participant out of Antigua who won the 10 seconds category.

These are the results:

Grudges: St.Kitts and Nevis 1st and 2nd place winners!

14 second class:
1st: Samuel Matthew (Nevis)
2nd: Fredrick Parris (Nevis)

13 second class:
1st: Bernel Nisbett (Nevis)
2nd: Julian Bryan (St.Kitts)

12 second class:
1st: Felix Smithen (Nevis)
2nd: Nubian Greaux (St.kitts)

11 second class:
1st: Raynaldo Chiverton(Nevis)
2nd : Alexander James ( St.Kitts)

10 second class:
1st: Renee Edwards-Ambrose (Antigua)
2nd: Leonard Allen (St.Kitts)

Outlaw class:
1st: Gavin Clarke (Nevis)
2nd: Raynaldo Chiverton (Nevis)

CJ Bartlette along with other members of the Nevis Drag Racing Unit would like to congratulate all participants and winners.

The Nevis Drag Racing Unit thanks all those who made the event of St.Kitts and Nevis and Antigua a success.

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