Kitititian Cricketers Star in Movie ‘83’

Orson Nurse, Sheeno Berridge and Jaques Taylor, earned the opportunity of a lifetime.

These are three of the cast members of ‘83’, a just-released movie, featuring the legendary West Indies cricket team that competed in the 1983 world cup.

Sheeno Berridge, Orson Nurse and Jaques Taylor

Each of these actors played the role of three of the iconic cricketers who played a role in that1983 West Indies team.

Orson an experienced actor, based in the UK, played the captain of the team, Clive Lloyd; Jaques Taylor played Sir Vivian Richards and Sheeno Berridge played Sir Andy Roberts.

Orson Nurse went through the audition process in the UK.

Several thousand persons applied but they were trying to get an actual fit.

For Jaques Taylor, a casting agency from the UK came to St. Kitts and witnessed a game he was involved in and approached him after and despite his tiredness, he accepted the offer for an audition and ‘the rest is history.’

As for Sheeno Berridge, he noted that it was an ‘opportunity that popped up and I grab it with both hands.’

Orson Nurse is encouraging youths from St. Kitts, to get interested in acting, as he feels it is something that can be very beneficial to them.

All three actors noted that they had to research the cricketers that they were trying to replicate, in terms of their stances, mannerisms and all aspects of how they went about their game.

Nurse pointed to the fact that although Lloyd was a left-handed batsman, he threw with his right hand and he is a left-handed batsman, threw with his left hand, so that provided a difficulty at first.

The movie has already premiered in India and had a screening at Caribbean cinemas in St. Kitts, on Boxing day.

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