Knowledge Garden Closes Summer Camp

Charlestown- Nevis– The Knowledge Garden officially closed its fifth annual summer camp on Friday 31st July.

The Knowledge Garden is a specially designed mini institution, run by former Educator and Librarian, Mrs. Sonita Daniel which specializes in helping children to read and to read well.

The ceremony was held at the Charlestown Methodist Church and was chaired by Teacher Adonis Rivers.
The ceremony commenced with a song by the participants ‘This Little light of mine.’
The afternoon’s proceedings featured the children displaying their new found skills in reading and poetry.
Some of the presentations included:
‘The days of the week’
‘In a story book’
‘Now that we can read’
‘Letter C’
‘Look in a book’
‘A learning Adventure’
Mrs. Sonita Daniel then presented the certificates to the beaming children, before delivering the vote of thanks.
The ceremony concluded with the singing of the song ‘read, read, read a book,’ by the participants.

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