Charlestown-Nevis-As Lea Parris Cambridge sat down to be a part of an interview with Curtis Morton of the Ministry of Social Development, she was obviously moved by his introductory remarks:

“Good evening viewers. The journey continues. The journey started some years aback when Lea Parris –Cambridge discovered that she had breast cancer. Her mom was diagnosed very shortly before that and so both of them started that journey, virtually together.

And then she got married. She had children and so the story should have ended: …. ‘and they lived happily ever after…’

But guess what? It’s not a fairy tale and so the journey got into some rugged patches one more time. The cancer came back full circle and you expect to see a lady who is not happy, despondent and who is probably blaming God for everything… but not so, Lea Parris-Cambridge.”

Lea Parris- Cambridge noted that when the Doctor gave her the news that the cancer had returned, for a moment she was totally devastated, for a few seconds as she had visions of her children growing up without a mom. Then her steely resolve clicked in and she once again vowed to fight the scourge and help others who need help, as long as God loaned her the breath of life.

She noted that the cancer is now into stage four, which is normally a time when people give up on life and the Doctors would virtually say ‘it’s all over.’

She is however privileged to be having treatment in the UK where there are top class facilities and medical experts available to deal with her situation and indicated that with such care, her life may be prolonged for months and even years.

In the interim, however, Lea Paris-Cambridge is not going to lie down and play dead.

That same day, she did an interview on WINN FM with popular radio personality, Toni Federick and also had an appointment for VON radio’s ‘Let’s Talk”’ program, later in the evening.

She is using various media sources to educate all who are willing to listen, about ways to prevent cancer and to also speak about dealing with the disease and the care of patients etc.

Through her Pink Lily Cancer Care Foundation, which she founded, she has assisted hundreds of patients and family members with travel cost; medical bills; medication and much more.

Now she is making connections with her Doctor in England to secure well needed medication for caner patients within the Federation of St.Kitts and Nevis, which will be supplied free of cost. Through that same Doctor, she is also making connections, which she will confirm through the Minister and Ministry of Health, to have at least one Nurse travel to the UK to observe and learn from procedures utilized there, in terms of cancer care.

However, her ultimate goal and the ultimate goal of her foundation is the establishment of a Cancer Care Center in Nevis.

She also made an appeal to members of the general public and business entities to assist the foundation in whatever way possible—no matter how small the donation. ‘All will add up’ she said.

She noted that her foundation is in need of a bus as well, which will be utilized to transport cancer patients when required and to do other important business.

She is inspired by the book “Beat Cancer’ which was co-authored by Professor Jane Plant who was a cancer survivor from the time she was diagnosed in her early forties and even after been given two months to live, she lived to be 70 years old, after making some serious life style changes, including dietary changes.

Lea Parris- Cambridge is advocating a change in diet which would involve a lot of fruits, vegetables, nuts and grain-the original diet that God outlined in the book of Genesis.

She is also asking persons to drink plenty of pure water; get lots of rest, enjoy the sunshine and exercise as often as possible.

The brave soldier continues her journey with others in mind and is hoping to make an even bigger difference in the lives of many.

She thanks God for everything. Her thought process is that ‘it could have been worst.’ She is depending on God totally as she continues the journey…….

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