Lea Parris the Fighter

Charlestown –Nevis- For Lea Parris –Cambridge, it has been a long, arduous and uphill struggle.
A literal struggle for survival.
She has surprised many, since being diagnosed with stage four cancer, over a year ago, having previously being diagnosed with cancer, some years prior.
Mrs. Parris-Cambridge is currently back home and certainly not looking half as BUBBLY, as she normally does, but the good lady is still willing to fight.
In a recent interview with Curtis Morton, she revealed the sad news, that the cancer had returned with full force and has affected her right breast and liver.
To put it into perspective, she is destined to die—sooner rather than later, but her lifestyle and recommended treatments, can prolong life, for some time yet.
As she goes through this trying phase, Lea testifies that her faith in God is strong and that she totally depends on him, as she exists, one day at a time.
She can only eat small portions of food at a time and her energy level is a far cry from what it used to be, but that is not stopping her from continuing to look out for the best interest of persons in need of help, especially cancer patients or their family members.
She has had the painful experience of having deep conversations with her husband and children, in preparing them for the inevitable and have sought to ‘put her house in order.’
In the meantime, Lea is busy seeking out sponsors for the annual Breast Cancer walk, slated for October 19th and will be ensuring that the much looked forward to event, is a success.
Her message to anyone who is willing to listen is:
‘Eat well, exercise; put your trust in God and don’t be afraid to die.’
Muhammed Ali may have been the best fighter in the ring but Lea Parris -Cambridge, would be hard to beat outside of it.

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