Leewards cricket getting assistance from WICB

The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) is attempting to resolve issues affecting the Leeward Islands Cricket Assocation (LICA).
WICB’s Chief Executive Officer Michael Muirhead has been revealing the progress made by the regional body in assisting LICA.
Muirhead said a committee comprising Vice President Emmanuel Nanthan (chairman), and directors Milton Henry and Anand Sanasie have met with the LICA principals and are charting the way forward, according to the Antigua Observer.

“What the committee did was facilitated a meeting of the executive that has happened and I think that is with a view of them deciding the path and when will be the elections and some other of their own internal matters. We are assisting them in putting together some financials; we know that has been outstanding and contentious within LICA and what we have offered is, if we are given the records and we have gotten most of them, not all yet, we will put together what the financial state or the financial position of LICA is,” the CEO said.
The WICB is going a step further to assist with the incorporation of LICA and the setting up of a secretariat for the effective functioning of the organisation.

“We are also going to help with the incorporation into them being a corporate entity, most likely a not-for-profit entity so we will carry that through on their behalf.”
LICA, according to Muirhead, will also be equipped with a functioning secretariat as the process continues. This, he added, is dependent on how swiftly all the required information is available to the governing body.
“We are also looking at helping them to set up a secretariat along with the Minister of Sports who has promised space and we sort of re-organise to get them off the ground and hopefully they would be able to hire a senior administrator, probably a CEO and somebody else who would be able to run the office,” Muirhead said.

“Once we have all the information then certainly the incorporation should be well advanced before the end of the year; it’s just a matter of filing. So once we have everything within a month then everything certainly should be ready for their AGM which they are going to have, I imagine, in December.”
The decision to assist the sub-regional body, according to a WICB statement, was taken following receipt of a letter from LICA members earlier this year stating various concerns about the affairs of LICA.

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