Leewards See Off CCC To Start With Win

WICB Media Release

BASSETERRE, St Kitts (WICB) — Hayden Walsh Jr grabbed four wickets as the Leeward Islands crushed the Combined Campuses & Colleges at Warner Park early on Day 4 in Round 1 of the Regional 4-Day tournament.

The final day’s play started on a knife’s edge with both teams still in with a shout of pulling off an outright victory. CCC needed 152 runs for victory while the Leeward Islands needed six wickets to win.

Walsh Jr struck early in the day removing Steven Jacobs for 22. The CCC skipper could only add two runs to his overnight total. Only three runs were added so far in the morning as the CCC were half their batting down for 113 runs.

Twelve runs later, they lost Kavem Hodge as Walsh struck again. At the other end, Chadwick Walton was battling back for the visitors. Overnight on 36, he would pass his 50 as the wicket-keeper slowed down his rate of scoring compared to Day 3.

But Kelbert Walters would strike, getting Walton caught behind to leave the CCC 144/7 and their last hope was gone. Still with over 100 runs to go, it looked dim for the CCC to pull off a victory.

Anthony Martin and Walsh Jr would wrap things up as play was extended for a half-an-hour because the CCC were nine wickets down by 12pm. They were eventually bowled out for 189 runs, losing by 72 runs.

Walsh Jr finished as Leeward’s pick of the bowlers, taking 4-81. Gavin Tonge had started the damage yesterday but failed to add to his three wickets today. Martin finished with a couple of wickets.

Jahmar Hamilton was named Man of the Match for his magnificent 119 runs in the second innings, that led to the victory for the home team.

Summary Scores:
Leeward Islands 1st Innings: 164 All Out (60.4 Overs). Mali Richards 50, Sylvester Joseph 39, Montcin Hodge 27, Jahmar Hamilton 15; Akeem Dewar 11.4-2-42-4, Ryan Austin 14-2-31-3, Kesrick Williams 7-2-19-1, Steven Jacobs 16-6-30-0.

Combined Campuses & Colleges 1st Innings: 202 All Out (66.2 Overs). Shacaya Thomas 59, Raymon Reifer 56, Steven Jacobs 23, Kyle Corbin 18; Hayden Walsh Jr 16-2-59-4, Gavin Tonge 12-4-28-2, Kelbert Walters 12-2-57-2, Tonito Willett 11-5-10-1.

Leeward Islands 2nd Innings: 299 All Out (105.2 Overs). Jahmar Hamilton 119, Tonito Willett 41, Gavin Tonge 31, Devon Thomas*+ 25; Ryan Austin 32-8-79-3, Steven Jacobs 16-5-34-2, Raymon Reifer 11-1-27-2, Akeem Dewar 21.2-3-70-2.

Combined Campuses & Colleges 2nd Innings: 189 All Out (61 Overs). Chadwick Walton+ 56, Steven Jacobs* 22, Raymon Reifer 22, Shacaya Thomas 16; Hayden Walsh Jr 15-1-81-4, Gavin Tonge 13-3-44-3, Anthony Martin 19-10-17-2, Kelbert Walters 10-4-18-1.

Leeward Islands won by 72 runs

Leeward Islands 1st Innings
M Hodge run out (Dewar) 27
L Richardson c McClean b Williams 2
M Richards LBW Dewar 50
S Joseph c Dewar b Austin 39
D Thomas c Corbin b Austin 8
T Willett c Hodge b Austin 9
J Hamilton c Corbin b Dewar 15
H Walsh Jr c Jacobs b Austin 0
G Tinge Williams b Austin 2
K Walters run out Thomas 0
A Martin not out 0
Total: 164 All Out (60.4 Overs)
Extras: (8LB, 4NB) 12
Zall of Wickets: 1-10, 2-55, 3-124, 4-47, 5-47, 6-47, 7-48, 8-57, 9-64, 10-64.

Combined Campuses & Colleges 1st Innings Bowling: Kevin McClean 8-4-20-0, Kesrick Williams 7-2-19-1, Steven Jacobs 16-6-30-0, Raymon Reifer 4-1-14-0, Ryan Austin 14-2-31-3, Akeem Dewar 11.4-2-42-4.

Combined Campuses & Colleges 1st Innings
S Thomas b Tonge 59
A Alleyne c Martin b Tonge 9
K Corbin Martin b Willett 18
R Reifer c Richardson b Walsh 56
C Walton+ c Thomas* b Walsh 0
S Jacobs* c Thomas* b Walters 23
K Hodge c Walters b Walsh 4
A Dewar c Willett b Walsh 11
K McClean not out 8
R Austin LBW Walters 0
K Williams LBW 7
Total: 202 All Out (66.2 Overs)
Extras: (1LB) 1
Still to Bat: Steven Jacobs (Captain), Ryan Austin, Akeem Dewar, Kavem Hodge, Kevin McClean, Chadwick Walton, Kesrick Williams
Fall of Wickets: 1-19, 2-83, 3-110, 4-125, 5-160, 6-166, 7-181, 8-185, 9-189, 10-202.

Leeward Islands 1st Innings Bowling: Gavin Tonge 12-4-28-2, Kelbert Walters 12-2-57-2, Anthony Martin 15.2-5-43-3, Tonito Willett 11-5-10-1, Hayden Walsh Jr 16-2-59-4.

Leeward Islands 2nd Innings (Trail; 38)
M Hodge c Corbin b Austin 23
L Richardson c Dewar b Reifer 14
M Richards c Corbin b Jacobs 0
S Joseph c Corbin b Austin 10
D Thomas+ b Austin 25
J Hamilton b McClean 110
T Willett c Corbin b Jacobs 41
H Walsh c Thomas b Dewar 15
G Tonge c Alleyne b Jacobs 31
K Walters Walton b Reifer 4
A Martin not out 0
Total: 299 All Out (105.2 Overs)
Extras: (12B, 3LB, 2NB) 17
Fall of Wickets: 1-26, 2-30, 3-49, 4-60, 5-85, 6-210, 7-253, 8-286, 9-299, 10-299.

Combined Campuses & Colleges 2nd Innings Bowling: Kevin McClean 11-5-36-1, Kesrick Williams 8-1-28-0, Kavem Hodge 4-1-8-0, Raymon Reifer 11-1-27-2, Ryan Austin 32-8-79-3, Steven Jacobs 16-5-34-2, Akeem Dewar 21.2-3-70-2, Shacaya Thomas 2-0-2-0.

Combined Campuses & Colleges 2nd Innings (Target; 262)
S Thomas c Hodge b Tonge 16
A Alleyne c Walsh b Tonge 4
K Corbin b Tonge 4
R Reifer c Thomas b Walsh 22
C Walton c Thomas b Walters 56
S Jacobs c & b Walsh 22
K Hodge c Tonge b Walsh 6
K McClean c & b Martin 3
A Dewar c Thomas b Walsh 21
R Austin not out 11
KWilliams c Joseph b Martin 6
Total: 189 All Out (61 Overs)
Extras: (12B, 4LB, 2NB) 18
Fall of Wickets: 1-16, 2-24, 3-25, 4-89. 5-113, 6-125, 7-144, 8-157, 9-172, 10-189.

Leeward Islands 2nd Innings Bowling: Gavin Tonge 13-3-44-3, Anthony Martin 19-10-17-2, Kelbert Walters 10-4-18-1, Hayden Walsh Jr 15-1-81-4, Tonito Willett 4-2-13-0.

Result: Leeward Islands won by 72 runs

Toss: Leeward Islands won the toss and elected to bat

Points: Leeward Islands 15 (12 points for winning + 0 batting points + 3 bowling points) | Combined Campuses & Colleges 4 (1 batting point + 3 bowling points)

Man of the Match: Jahmar Hamilton (Leeward Islands)

Umpires: Lennox Abraham & Zahid Bassarath

Standby Umpire: Wycliffe Mitchum

Match Referee: Calvin James

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