Leontine Clarke –Nevis’ Newest Centenarian

GINGERLAND –Nevis- Mrs. Leontine Clarke of Chicken Stone in Gingerland adds to the list of centenarians within the federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, today, as she celebrates her 100th birthday

The long-serving member of the Gingerland Seventh Day Adventist Church is still very alert and with a keen memory.

She quoted scripture to indicate that God wants his people to be kind, courteous and forgiving, one to another.

She recommends that lifestyle for everyone.

Asked how she felt about attaining her 100th birthday, she laughingly responded that she did not feel any different.

The years just crept up on her, but she is feeling good and thanking God.

She also thanked her family members for their tremendous care and sacrifice through the years and had a special word of thanks for her daughter Joyah.

A service of thanksgiving will be held at her home during the course of today.

Among those expected to be in attendance is Her Honour, Deputy Governor-General, Mrs. Hyleta Liburd.

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