Letter on retirement of Dr. Wilkinson

On behalf of the staff and executive body of the Joseph N. France General Hospital, the Pogson Hospital, the Mary Charles Hospital, and the Cardin Home, we extend the warmest and most sincere wishes to Dr. Cameron Wilkinson, on the announcement of his retirement from the civil service.

Dr. Cameron Wilkinson was a truly patriotic figure who gave his professional energy and efforts tirelessly during his long, 25-year tenure to the government’s civil service as a surgeon, with 22 of those years being as the Medical Chief of Staff of the Health Institutions.

Dr. Wilkinson oversaw an era of transformational change in our health system, specifically in the professional operations of the JNF General Hospital, with a myriad of reforms, projects and advancements all geared towards the overall improvement of our nation’s health system. He additionally served as a mentor to many of our nation’s current medical professionals.

As the health system continues to grow from strength to strength, we are thankful for the foundation which has been laid before us by pioneers like Dr. Wilkinson and continues our dedication to maintaining quality and excellence in health service.


Dr. Jenson Morton,

Director of Health Institutions,

JNF General Hospital,

Basseterre, St. Kitts.

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