Local Netball League Commences with Thriller

If the opening match of the local Netball league which was played on Wednesday night is anything to go by, the 2013 edition of the local Netball season is going to be really exciting.

There was no march past and no fan fare on Wednesday 24th April, as the local Netball league commenced at the Grell Hull—Stevens Netball Complex.

President Vera Herbert indicated that after the postponement from Saturday night due to inclement weather conditions, her Association just wanted to get the league going and that they did.

The first and only match of the evening was a matchup between DYNAMICS of Gingerland and PIONEERS of Cotton Ground and what a match it was!

At the end of the second quarter, the score line was 9 goals to 7 in favour of PIONEERS and by the end of the third quarter; it was 16 to 13 with PIONEERS maintaining a slim lead.

It was a real battle for supremacy in the fourth quarter, as the Netballers upped the pace on the court and played some exhilarating NETBALL. When the final whistle went, it was a heart stuttering 20 to 19 in favour of PIONEERS.

There will be a double header at the same venue on Saturday 27th April. In game one, the youthful development team will engage PIONEERS at 6 pm and in game two, which follows immediately after the first game, the game which has been billed as ‘the big one,’ will be played. That should be a fascinating match up as Stoney Grove Unstoppables takes on Bath United.

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