Longest serving member of TDC retires after 42 years


By: St.Clair Sazam Hull


(CHARLESTOWN NEVIS)-On Wednesday, April 29, 2015 a small but significant ceremony was held at the Hermitage Plantation Inn for Mr. Reuben ‘Brady’ Morris of Brown Hill Village, a former employee of the St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla Trading Development Company Ltd, (TDC) who gave forty two years of unwavering service.

The event began with the invocation which was done by Mrs. Charlene Stapleton.

Chairperson of the ceremony, Mr. Ernie France, gave the opening remarks. He told those gathered that the occasion was indeed auspicious, but was contained with a bit of sadness because it is never easy to bid farewell. France noted that Reuben joined TDC in January of 1973 but was employed prior to that when the company’s name was H.F Wildy&Co so in actuality he has a total of 47 years as an associate of the company. He stated that the retiree was attached to the drinks depot and has witnessed many changes over the years, but through it all he remained dedicated and committed and for that they are eternally grateful.

Chairman of TDC, Mr. Earle Kelly, also distributed some remarks. He indicated that Reuben has contributed to the company immensely and there is no way of repaying him. Kelly stated that over the years, TDC has grown in leaps and bounds and the retiree is the last remaining of the originals. He continued, “You have paved the way not just for the drinks depot but for the development of the entire company and we are better for the services you have rendered”. He also stated that Reuben is the perfect example of a true loyalist, in an age when loyalty seems to be fragmented.

He indicated that he became an employee of TDC in 1987 and at present, serves as the Chief Executive Officer but the foundations of the company, was built by persons such as Reuben and they are just carrying on the torch. Kelly said he has learned a great deal over the years, from persons who never had managerial positions and who others considered to be normal employees. He noted, “The most important persons are those that sell the products because without them the institution won’t be functional and there is a whole lot we can learn from them”. In conclusion Mr. Kelly wished Mr. Morris every success in his future endeavors and any assistance he so desires from TDC they will be there for him.

Managing Director of Social Security, Mr. Vernel Powell, also gave brief remarks. He noted that Reuben has been a close confidant of his since he was a little boy growing up in Brown Hill. Powell indicated, “Brady was my neighbor when I was growing up and he was not just a neighbor because he played a fatherly role in my life as well and even though I had migrated as a teenager our relationship remained the same upon my return”.

He stated that Reuben is a genuinely nice person who gave him goat milk to drink practically every morning and is his primary advisor. Powell told the gathering, that he can’t remember his friend ever raising his voice and has been respectful even when his views were diametric to others. In concluding his remarks he said that the retiree deserves a good rest and that TDC should ensure that he has drinks at all time.

Retiree Morris also spoke briefly. He thanked the company for giving him the opportunity to work for them noting that the journey has been long, but for most part enjoyable. He indicated that the ride was not always smooth, but if one exercise patience and have faith in God, they can overcome any obstacle. Morris also stated that working in customer’s service can be very difficult at times because persons have different attitudes and even when you are right, sometimes you have to take the wrong.

He said 42 years is a longtime, but he made a promise to himself that he would not leave the company bending over carrying a stick. He continued, “I told myself I won’t leave walking with a stick because that would mean I would have spent more time than I should have spent”. In closing, Reuben said even though he has retired TDC will always be his home.





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