Loud Horns, Broken Glass Among Items Prohibited At 2024 Carifta Games

Source: Loop
Spectators who will be attending the 2024 Carifta Games at the Kirani James Athletics Stadium in Grenada are being advised of several items which are prohibited from the venue.

The games will be held from March 30 to April 1, 2024.

ACP Vannie Curwen, Officer in charge of Operations for the 51st CARIFTA Games in Grenada, says in all events managed in Grenada, legal or licensed firearms are not allowed at any venue. He says people with licensed firearms should not attempt to go to the venue as it will not be accepted at the entrance gate or by any security personnel, but to lodge it at their nearest police station.

Broken bottles or glass receptacles which people use to put food and drinks will not be allowed in the stadium. ACP Curwen advises that food and drink be stored in a receptacle that is made of plastic or another material.

No oversized coolers will be admitted in the stadium, as it was explained the cooler should be able to fit in front of a person’s seat and not extend beyond that seat.

Another prohibited item is the use of loud horns. ACP Curwen says this will ensure that distractions which these horns bring to the games are not present. People, however, are welcome to bring their drums.


Meanwhile, large flagpoles will not be admitted to the stadium as the senior officer says a large flagpole that is extended can also become a weapon.

ACP Curwen says at the end of the three days of the Carifta Games, visitors should be able to say they had a safe experience in Grenada.

The police’s security plan for Carifta will extend beyond the national stadium in particular to the south of the island, near the hotels and surrounding areas where visiting guests are expected to be.

Additionally, Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) officers will be out to ensure heightened security across the country as it will also be the busy long Easter weekend.

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