‘Make A Wish’ has returned with the support of The Cable

The Make A Wish community outreach project has a new benefactor in The Cable. Introduced in the Federation over twelve years ago, the project’s objective is to share love to our senior citizens on Valentine’s Day. Acting on the nominations from relatives, friends, the church or civic organisations, the list of wishes will be granted on February 14. As in the past, the Rotary Club of Liamuiga will be actively involved in the distribution of the gifts together with the staff of The Cable.
Patricia Walters, Chief Executive Officer of The Cable, holds a keen interest in this initiative. Being largely responsible for the introduction of the project many years ago, she was excited to see its re-introduction and reached out to the Rotary Club of Liamuiga for their partnership. “I believe that our senior citizens should be honored for their contribution to national development and doing so by granting a wish on their behalf on Valentine’s Day is just an extraordinary expression of love,” she shared.
In the past, recipients of the Make a Wish outreach project have received bouquets, rides on the Scenic Railway, limousine rides to church, food and fruit baskets and even a shower-head water heater.
Individuals or organisations may submit their nominations via one of several media by sending the name, address and the wish for the nominee via What’s App on any of the two numbers: 869 662 7742 or 869 765 7742. Using email, the information should be sent to makeawish@thecable.biz or via Facebook, the submission can be sent to facebook.com/thecablestkitts. The deadline for nominations is Thursday 7th February.
Full details of the project is currently being circulated via a poster on social media including the Instagram and Facebook pages of The Cable and The Rotary Club of Liamuiga.

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